revitalair 430 camara hiperbarica


Revitalair® Chambers are very safe. They are designed to support high pressures and all of their components are oversized for the suggested applications.

It offers a quadruple safety system, which works in sequences in order to avoid any failure or user misoperation.

It has 2 exhaust valves regulated at 1.40 ATA, located in the chamber. If the first valve fails, the seconds gets to work.

If, for any reason, these valves get obstructed or are misoperated, the chamber has another calibrated and certified exhaust valve inside the compressor cabinet, which will work in case both main valves fail.

In case the 3 previous systems break down, the compressors are programmed to shut down at a very low pressure.

The closing system is made of aeronautical aluminum and it is designed to support pressures several times above normal. The flexible fabric and the windows are designed and tested to be used frequently used under pressures that cannot be reached by the compression system of the device.

The components and manufacture process of the chambers comply with controlled and certified quality standards, which guarantees a uniform product and in perfect operating conditions.

For further questions, contact Oxavita SRL (Revitalair® manufacturer) or write an e-mail to [email protected]