Revitalair 430

The Revitalair® 430 portable Hyperbaric Chamber -flexible and foldable- combines state-of-the-art technologies and designs, with materials and components that make it easy to use. It is basically made of 2 components: the cabin or chamber, and the compression system or compressor’s cabinet. The chamber is characterized by its exclusive patented aluminum Rings (Patent Pending No. #P-20090105187) joined to a high resistance waterproof fabric, specially designed, forming a cylinder of 900 mm in diameter and 1850 mm long.

These dimensions are among the largest in the market, resulting in loftiness and comfort for the user.

The assembly process is very simple and takes only a few minutes. See the explanatory video.

Place the chamber, the optional couch or any supporting surface on the floor, separate the front and rear rings, fit the two rods in the upper claws, and that’s it. Then, plug the compressor to the power supply and connect the air tube to the chamber by means of a snap-in socket.

When turning the compressor on, closet he valves, get into the chamber, place the lid in correct position shown by the green arrows, hold the door during 15 seconds, and lay down. Now you can enjoy the treatment during the prescribed time.

Inside the chamber, you can enjoy reading, resting or getting in touch with the outside world through mobile or wireless phones.

To get out, just turn the slow or fast emptying valve or both, according to your preferences. This maneuver can be performed from the inside or the outside of the chamber. Once depressurized, gently pull the lid inwards and turn one quarter of it to take it out. As simple as that.

With their 10 see-through windows, the Revitalair® 430 Hyperbaric Chamber provides brightness and a 360° views, making possible to check the patient´s comfort from the outside.

Two exhaust valves located in the upper front part of the chamber regulate the treatment pressure (1.4 ATA or 5.8 psi). The air coming into the chamber from the compressor is released through these valves, keeping the air inlet fresh and fluid, thanks to the constant interchange of 140 liters per minute.

Revitalair® 430 Chambers can be operated from the inside or the outside. These are the only chambers which do NOT have a zipper, thanks to the patented Revitalair® ring system.. The mechanical parts of the closing system are guaranteed for a life time, while the rest of the components guaranteed according to contractual conditions.

After folding it up, the Revitalair® 430 Chamber is placed in its transportation box or in the exclusively designed carrying case. (Optional).

The compressor cabinet is equipped with a handle and wheels for mobility.

All of the chambers come with a complete and didactic manual including indications, contraindications, advantages, applications, operation, technical features, cleaning and maintenance of the Revitalair® 430.

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Additional Oxygen treatment

Revitalair® Chambers are provided with an auxiliary input for additional Oxygen supply if it were so prescribed by your physician. If the prescription calls for additional Oxygen, even if it is supplied by an external concentrator or tube, it is recommended to not enter the chamber with electrical or electronic devices.

In case of treatments with masks and up to 10 liters per minute, Revitalair chambers are equipped with a system of continuous interchange of the inner air with high flow, which keeps O2 concentration inside the chamber within the safety international standards, according to NFPS, making the treatment absolutely safe.


  • Cabin work pressure: 1.40 ATM = 5 PSI.
  • Volume of air contained at 1 ATM: 1.25 mts3.
  • Compressor: 2 units of 220-240v. – 4.5 amp.
  • Air volume, approximately: 140 liters per minute.
  • Air filter for 5 micron particles
  • Cabin weight: 28 kilograms, approximately.
  • Compressor cabinet weight: 26 kilograms, approximately.
  • Cabin diameter: 900mm.
  • Cabin length: 1850mm – Filled: 1970mm.
  • Foldable and easy to carry.
  • Can be operated by user, with no further assistance.