Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric medicine is based on the large increase of the blood oxygen level (Hyperoxia). The oxygen increase is obtained by dissolving this gas in blood plasma, breathing it in high concentrations at an above-normal atmospheric pressure, in chambers specially designed for this purpose. Basically, this process has an anti-inflammatory action and helps tissue regeneration, providing a whole series of benefits to the body and reducing the damages caused by Hypoxia (lack of Oxygen).

This therapy is based on a physical principle described by an English doctor called W. Henry. Doctor Henry explains that the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid medium is directly proportional to the partial pressure exerted by the gas over the liquid.

With this basic principle, we are able to understand what happens inside the hyperbaric chamber by looking at sparkling water bottle. When the bottle is closed and under pressure, the water inside has no bubbles. In this state, water is under a pressure of 1.1 ATM and carbon dioxide is diluted in water under pressure, just as Dr. Henry explained. Our body is 70% water, and the hyperbaric chamber acts like a container where our body is pressurized at least 1.45 ATM.

By breathing oxygen in, we get the same result as the sparkling water in the bottle. The oxygen we breathe is diluted in our body fluids, reaching high concentrations of O2 in blood plasma, which is transported by hemoglobin. This causes a significant increase of the amount of O2 in our body tissues, which is called Hyperoxia, resulting in wide range of health benefits.