Oxavita SRL and its product Revitalair®, count with the approval of the National Administration for Drugs, Foods and Technology (ANMAT) for all its processes and the line of Revitalair® Hyperbaric Chambers.

Oxavita SRL works under ISO 13485 and ISO 9000 standards for all its products.

It has obtained seals from the EC (European Community) and the following certifications.

Regulation – ANMAT

Free sales certificate

DNV – ISO 13485 Certificate

CE mark – European community

Cofepris Certificate – Mexico

Vigilance system certificate

Oxavita SRL – ANMAT

Medical Device Revitalair 430 – ANMAT

SaudiFDA Certificate

RD Hyperbaric Chamber Certificate – Peru

Hyperbaric Chamber Certificate – Uruguay

Certificate – Indonesia

INVIMA – Colombia

Medical Device Authority – Malaysia