Revitalair® by Oxavita S.R.L. was created from the necessity of designing and manufacturing a line of safe and portable hyperbaric chambers with the latest technology, for local and international market.

The main objective was creating a reliable and affordable product, without having to import or get products from third parties.
The company’s proposal was to manufacture a domestically manufactured Hyperbaric Chamber.

The auspicious results of the first prototype gave rise to the idea of creating an innovative business model.

In order to develop this business model, many local and international market research studies were performed, determining the different uses and scope in this market segment. This resulted in a detailed business plan targeted to the current market.

This is how Oxavita SRL was brought to life, with its Revitalair® line. Oxavita SRL was created to manufacture and offer Hyperbaric Chamber treatments which improve medical, sports and home treatments.