Hyperbaric Chamber – Revitalair®

The Revitalair® 430 Hyperbaric Chamber -flexible and foldable- combines state-of-the-art technologies and designs, with materials and components that make it easy to use and patient-friendly.

With their 10 see-through windows, the Revitalair® 430 Hyperbaric Chamber provides brightness and a 360° views, making possible to check the patient´s comfort from the outside.

Two exhaust valves located in the upper front part of the chamber regulate the treatment pressure (1.45 ATA or 5 psi). The air coming into the chamber from the compressor is released through these valves, keeping the air inlet fresh and fluid, thanks to the constant interchange of 120 liters per minute performed by the 2 compressors …

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Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric medicine is based on the large increase of the blood oxygen level (Hyperoxia). The oxygen increase is obtained by dissolving this gas in blood plasma, breathing it in high concentrations at an above-normal atmospheric pressure, in chambers specially designed for this purpose. Basically, this process has an anti-inflammatory action and helps tissue regeneration, providing a whole series of benefits to the body and reducing the damages caused by Hypoxia (lack of Oxygen)…

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Revitalair around the world

Revitalair® Hyperbaric Chambers are distributed around the globe.

These portable chambers are easily transported by air at a low cost, and thanks to their innovative design they can be comfortably assembled after watching a 5 minute instructional video. Revitalair provides technical, medical and commercial support, guaranteeing a professional and personalized service to all its customers.

Revitalair® Hyperbaric Chambers, for a safe a modern medicine

Revitalair meets the highest safety standards in all its products and components, providing reliability and durability.  More Information